Amazing Android Apps of 2022 You Didn’t Know About

Today’s video is going to be very interesting. Because I am going to talk about such interesting apps that you have probably never seen.

Amazing Android Apps of 2022 You Didn’t Know About

Amazing Android Apps of 2022


ZLEN will be our first app for today. When we open the app we can see such an interface. You can call Zen an exclusive private social network. It offers more privacy than Instagram or Whatsapp. If you go to my account here and tap my QR code, the QR code is visible and the zen code is displayed at the top. This code acts as a barrier to entry for anyone or friends you connect to the code whose feed or posts from them will appear in your feed tab. So here you can like and comment on all these things that are here. So the next tab is about Zen World. So the thing is, all people in the community can post here. You can post photos and videos. You can’t comment here, but if you want to post polls here, you can delete them. If you tap plus at the top you have camera, gallery, poll, and scream that you can place like I placed a poll here. I did a poll here, once you post that “show my display name and photo” is available below you can choose to remain anonymous or not. This focuses more on privacy. If I hide this, the survey will be carried out and also shown to others. My name will not be shown to anyone. If you scroll on Zen, you will find many posts that have “someone on Zen” written on them. So that’s not anyone’s username, those are the hidden names. If we’re talking about names here, you’ll find display names and statuses here. You can use anything as your display name. There isn’t a system like Twitter or Instagram where you can’t use them when their handles are taken. Basically, you can exist and post in this app. Nobody in the world will know that you are active in this app. It’s a very interesting app


Let’s move on to the next app. That is “What 3 Words”. If you open this app, you’ll be able to find the entire map as we find it on Google maps. Let me tell you why is it interesting, here, the entire map has been divided into smaller units of blocks and each block has been given a custom name. How custom names? I’ll give you an example, there’s an area called Sanjay place the Sanjay Place area that you’re able to do is a cinema hall which runs on single flex. Now you have an idea that this is not too big but as you can see there are so many blocks in this also, if you click on any block to find the exact location, a specific custom name will be shown like you can see above Slider Pavilions Asking if you click on the side then, we find two wired vague just like this, all the blocks in the world have been given a custom name here, you can click on the Navigation tab in the bottom, you can also have Google map integration you can be re-directed to the same longitude and latitude. Each square is made up of 3×3 meters. In real if there’s a place of 3 meters, then it has been given a name in this app This can be very easy for the deliveries, Imagine if you putting through Amazon there’s no need to write the full address there might be at least 3 meters in front of your house, if you write your code there the delivery guy won’t have to call you, asking where is your house? I’m standing here, there. A lot of transport companies are using this app in the UK. This is a great app


The next app is Warden. This is not available on the official play store or IOS play store. I put the link in the description box to download it from there. This app is great. As this app will scan all installed apps from your phone, if you go to apps here, they are all apps in your phone. This will show you all the details, e.g. B. how many trackers and loggers are present. Which app on your phone extracts what kind of data. There is an option for a scanner here. Simply scanning will generate a simple report from all the apps on your phone. For example which app takes how much of your data, I go to Instagram here, and it shows me who all the loggers are, there is a logger called slt4j-timber if you want the details, it’s available on the data, direct link is also given. You can check there why it was used and what all is logged by your phone? Or what is the actual use of it? Make sure you check all apps from your phone that used data and remove all apps that use a lot of data.


The next app is a free game called Tiny Room Stories. You don’t need to worry. This will amaze you. I found this to be a very good game. There are little things in the house, you are a detective and you have to unlock the series of events. You have to connect things and finally complete your mission. Whenever I have free time, I play this game and my mind gets fresh. There are many games like Escape Room, but this is a 3D model that you can rotate from any angle. You need to find and connect the clue one by one. Play and comment and tell me if you play such games I’ll try them too.

Ela Audio

The next app from our list is “Ela Audio”. It works like this, you can import any of your documents. I go here to add a document, after the document we open our file manager. You can choose any file. For example, I select the review of the Union budget. The document is loaded next, it tells us the whole document and what system it is. As you can see, the document has been added here. You can see above the limit that you get 200 free minutes in one month. If you want to go unlimited, you have to go for a paid plan. It is renewed every 30 days.

Black Screen

Let’s move on to the next app. whose name is a Black screen. When you open the black screen you don’t have any options at all, you only have the option to activate it or not, once you activate it, here in between the lock system appears, and after that this lock appears everywhere on your phone. This means that every time you press the lock button, your entire screen goes black and the app says that you can save battery by doing this, as the display turns into black pixels, which don’t light up here and you can save some battery. No, I’ll try that on YouTube, that’s YouTube, and that’s a video of me, let’s play it. The video plays and if I press the lock button in between, the screen locks but the video keeps playing. Take it to the next level to make it more interactive and playful. The screen is black. If you want to go back to the video, swipe right, here comes the time and here you have an unlock button, if you press it all things will continue. So this is an interesting app.

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