Best Smartphone Accessories For Video (iPhone & Android!)

Even now, if we go back to the computer and open Zoom and start a Zoom call, you can see that the correct webcam is already preset for me here. But if you don’t see this, you can go down here and select your EpocCam or your Iriun camera from here. And again, we’re still connected via WiFi. You can see that there is almost no lag or issues with it. It looks good and yes, amazing. I still use the front camera.

Best Smartphone Accessories For Video (iPhone & Android!)


So the first item is a mini tripod and this one is the iOgrapher Flexible Mini Tripod. So this is gonna be great if you’re creating videos on the go where you wanna walk around with your phone, or if you wanna set your phone up on a desk or a table or anything, this thing is going to be great. Now the legs are flexible or bendable meaning that you can use them to adjust how you want the camera to be. Or you can even use it to get creative and get different angles. You could wrap this around the pole or a tree and the legs themselves being rubber, are going to grip onto most surfaces. It’s got a great little ball head on the top with a standard tripod thread. And in the box, you get two mounts with it as well. One of them is for a GoPro, so you can easily attach your GoPro here. The other is for a smartphone. And while the smartphone mount isn’t bad, and it’s awesome that it’s included there’s a better recommendation I’ve got for you coming up soon. Probably the biggest downside for me with this tripod is just the way that the legs come out and lock into position, it’s a little janky, and it’s a little clunky, but overall for the price, it’s pretty awesome. Now, if you’re after something a little bit bigger, a full-size tripod, then that’s where this one, the Torjim 67-inch Tripod is our top pick. It currently sells for around $38, and while it feels cheap, it’s not that bad. While a lot of it’s plastic, the legs themselves are aluminum or aluminum and it’s got a quick-release mount on the top of it. It comes with a carry bag, it also has a Bluetooth remote perfect for filming with your phone so that you can start and stop your recording remotely. It packs down small, so it’s good to travel with. And it’s really fast to set up. This tripod comes with a smartphone holder as well, that’s not too bad. Yes, it feels overly plastic and cheap, but hey, it’s gonna hold your phone, it’ll hold it in both portrait and landscape. It stretches out pretty wide meaning that you can use it with a lot of the bigger phones. And it can lay the phone down flat meaning that if you want to set this up as a top-down camera shot, then you can do it with this mount. But while it’s got that feature, I still think it’s not as good as the next phone mount I’m about to share with you. But overall for a cheap tripod at that price, it’s pretty good value.

Smartphone holder

Next on the list is the smartphone holder. And this one has a really simple, catchy name, it’s called the universal smartphone cellphone tripod mount adapter that just rolls off the tongue. This thing costs $9.99, and yes, it feels pretty cheap and plasticky again, but it does a good job of holding your phone in either portrait or landscape orientation, or you can switch it between blocking the two. Well, one of the biggest reasons I like this mount is the locking mechanism and how it holds your phone in place. It’s a screw thread, like a clamp, where you turn it down to adjust the tightness of the grip. There are also two tripod sockets here, depending on how you mount this you can have an extra one to also mount other accessories like a microphone or a light. Speaking of lights,

LED light

it brings us to our next article, a portable LED light. This one currently sells for between $9.99 and around $15. And it’s the Ulanzi U-Bright. Now I’ve seen the same light being sold under different names and different brands on Amazon. But the light itself has a built-in rechargeable battery that’s rated for two hours. It charges with a USB-C cable and you can use it even while charging. All controls are on the back. They have a battery level indicator. You can adjust the brightness up and down and you can also change the color temperature from a cooler light to a warm one. But what I like about this light is the mounting options. It has a cold shoe mount on the bottom. And it also has the standard tripod thread. So you can mount this directly on your camera or on a tripod. You have many options, but there are also three other cold shoe mounts, two on the sides and one on top. So depending on your videos and the rig you want to build, you can reuse this light to mount more accessories.


Next comes microphones, and I have two options for you here. The first is a wired lavalier or wired clip-on microphone, the Boya BY-M1. Well, this is a mic I’ve talked about a lot on this channel. I’m a big fan of this, considering the price ranges from $9.99 to around $15 it seems to bounce around a lot. This microphone has it all. It’s something we’ve used for a lot of the previous videos on this channel as well. It has an insanely long cord that allows you to get creative and get further away from your phone. And it supports both TRS and TRRS connections, which means you can use it with your phone, camera, and most computers too. Of course, if you don’t have a headphone jack on your phone, you’ll also need to use Lightning or a USB-C headphone jack adapter for this to work. But there’s a little switch on the mic that lets you easily choose which device you connect it to. And this is how the Boya BY-M1 wired microphone sounds. If you compare that to the device built into the phone, you’ll see that there’s a big difference. When you look at this mic you think it looks good and might suit what you’re doing, but you don’t have to wire it that long. This one outperforms many of the others with shorter cables. So I’d just say roll up the cord, put it in your pocket, get it out of the way and still use this mic over many others we’ve tested. But the other thing to note is when using this with an actual camera it does require a battery that comes with it but there is no battery level indicator. So there’s no way to see if it’s fully charged or almost empty. And it’s a little annoying. So if you use this a lot for a lot of your videos, again with a camera or smartphone, you don’t need to put in a battery. Then it’s a good idea to have some spare batteries on standby in case it dies while recording. And the second type of microphone is a mini shotgun microphone. And our current top pick is the Boya BY-MM1. So very similar name. This one currently sells for just under $30 and, just like the other mic, also works with TRS and TRRS connectors, and it comes with cables for both. So you can use it on smartphones with this headphone jack adapter on cameras and also on most computers. So this will be a great mic if you’re going to be fairly close to it if you don’t want to be tethered or connected directly to the camera like you are with a wired lapel mic. Now for a quick comparison, this is how the Boya BY-MM1 mic sounds compared to the phone’s built-in mic.

Mounting Accessories

Das nächste Element oder Zubehör ist in diesem Fall also wirklich eine Blitzschuh-Verlängerungsstange. Wirklich, es ist eine Kaltschuh-Verlängerungsstange. Das ist also so konzipiert, dass es oben auf Ihren Kameras montiert werden kann, wo Sie beispielsweise ein Licht auf der einen Seite und ein Mikrofon auf der anderen Seite montieren können. Aber es muss nicht nur so verwendet werden. Dieses hat ein Stativgewinde an der Unterseite, was bedeutet, dass Sie es direkt an ein Stativ anschließen können, sodass Sie dann zwei Halterungen haben, eine für Ihr Telefon, eine für beispielsweise ein Mikrofon oder ein Licht. Es ist also wirklich einfach, mit Adaptern und ähnlichen Dingen ein Video-Rig aufzubauen. Bisher konnten wir diese für etwa 8 US-Dollar kaufen, aber das billigste, das wir für dieses Video finden konnten, kostete tatsächlich etwa 16 bis 17 US-Dollar.

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