Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

Here’s our roundup of the best teleprompter apps for iPad and iPhone right now, so that you can do stuff like this with your smartphone or tablet, the next time you shoot your videos.

Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

So let’s just up into it. Now teleprompters or autocues are a super handy tool to help you nail your script in front of the camera, or even just remember the key points or the dot points that you want to cover in your videos. And these days there are some really powerful apps for your iPad or for your iPhone to help you do just that, and ultimately these come down to two different types. Some will replace a separate teleprompter entirely and show you a script on your phone screen or your device screen, which is gonna be great if you’re gonna be moving around and filming on the go. Or there are those apps that will work well with a separate teleprompter in a studio setup. Something like this where you’re using your phone or your tablet primarily to create a feed of your script that you can easily control. we’re gonna be looking at my top picks for both kinds of teleprompter apps right now. And while we’re going through, make sure to let us know down in the comments, what’s your favorite teleprompter app and why?

Teleprompter apps that work with a Teleprompter

Okay, so first, let’s look at teleprompter apps for use with an actual teleprompter. So obviously you will need a teleprompter here to use these apps properly. Now the advantages of this setup are that you will be able to use a separate camera. You’re not limited to recording with your phone, but they will work with almost any outdoor camera, and it will also give you a larger display, or larger text to read because you’re using your phone’s full screen. or your entire tablet screen to have much, much larger text. But the biggest downside though with this setup, is obviously that you’ll need more gear, and with more gear, there’s more setup involved. You’ll need an actual teleprompter and for most of them out there, they’re a bit difficult to set up and switch around, but once you’ve set them up, they can work just fine. Now just to save a lot of questions in the comments, the teleprompter I currently use and the one I currently recommend is the Parrot Teleprompter V2. I love this thing and I’ve worked with a huge range of teleprompters there and unlike most teleprompters, this one doesn’t require its stand, or its separate tripod, or whatever something like this. It’s clipped to the front of your camera, which means it’s a great option if you’re looking for something more portable, something easy to use, and something easy to use while you’re on the go. . Okay, so from the apps we’ve gone through, and tried, and tested, an absolute ton of them, and we’ve narrowed it down to two for you. Now, these are our top two picks for teleprompter apps used with an actual teleprompter on iOS today.

Promptsmart Pro

So the first is called Promptsmart Pro. Now, it’s probably one of the more popular out there and it’s packed with a ton of features and a ton of functionality. It’s also really, really easy to use and to gain speed in use, especially if you haven’t used an app like this before. You have all the standard features and customizations, and things there that you would expect in an app like this. Things like the ability to change the font, the font size, the colors, everything to tailor it for you, and what will make it easiest for you when you present in front of the camera. So you also have the ability there to be able to customize and mirror the screen and change its look so that it will work for your particular teleprompter as well. Now, perhaps the biggest feature of this app, is that it has voice-controlled automatic scrolling, meaning you don’t have to manually scroll your text. You also don’t have to use a remote and you don’t have to work with speeds, plus and minus, and adjust everything to get the perfect speed for you. It will listen to you when you are presenting and it will automatically scroll and progress your text, automatically based on where you have prepared your presentation. So this is an amazing feature and makes it easier for you if you’re someone who reads word for word from a script and doesn’t necessarily work from dots or bullet points. But the biggest thing I’ve seen, however, is that it works, really great if you’re someone who makes your videos at a time. So if you don’t have any mistakes there. If you have mistakes, or you want to go back, and you want to repeat a sentence or repeat a paragraph, it won’t scroll back. It will only check your script forward, so if you need to go back and need to say it again, you will need to manually scroll your text back and then start presenting again. So it’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s a must-know. Now there is one more thing I want to mention in this app and that is that it includes video recording capabilities, so you can use this app without a hardware teleprompter or a physical teleprompter, and just use your iOS device to display the script, but also do the recording. Now I don’t think it’s really good for that purpose. We’ll mention an app that soon will be the perfect solution for that, a teleprompter camera app that doesn’t require an actual teleprompter, but I want to mention it because this app, Promptsmart Pro, is capable with a camera, and recording capabilities, but it’s not as good as the app I’ll mention, soon specifically for that purpose. There is now a remote control app that you also get for this app, so if you want to remotely control the speed, and you don’t use the voice auto-scroll feature, you can remotely control it from another device. . Now the app itself, the remote app is free to download, but you will need to have a subscription to Promptsmart to be able to work that.

Promptsmart Pro: Pricing

Now about the pricing then, there is a free version of this app available, but what I am referring to here is not the free version. The pro version has everything you need to use with an actual physical teleprompter; to mirror the screen, control everything, and be able to use that voice control. All of that stuff is in the pro version. Now they are currently in the period of a pricing transition, according to their website. So for now you can still purchase Promptsmart Pro for $ 19.99 as a one-time explicit purchase. On the Android side, they have already switched to the subscription-only model and they will likely do the same thing on iOS soon. So now, a one-time purchase, $ 19.99, which is a very good value, but also has an extended license or a subscription if you want to unlock some additional features, such as using that remote control, to be able to synchronize your scripts and those kinds of things on different devices. So pricing may change here, but it’s currently about $ 4 per month or about $ 40 per year annually for that subscription for that extended license.

Teleprompter Premium

Okay, that’s app number one, now we’re in-app number two called Teleprompter Premium. And this is an app that I think is worth considering. While the other one, Promptsmart Pro, is really easy to use and it has an intuitive interface, I think all of that is next level to Teleprompter Premium. I think it’s easier to use, I think the interface is even better, and in terms of speed and display, and running your script quickly, it’s going to be easier and faster. Again, it has all the usual customization and things you’d expect in fonts, font sizes, colors, and all sorts of things, but it’s more than just letting you dial in and change the settings, so you can adapt it for your exact teleprompter. So an example of this is the amount of control you have over things like setting text margins, or the width of the text to be displayed on the front of your teleprompter. And while you’re playing your script and displaying your script, it’s very easy to just tap on the screen, and swipe back, to redo a section, or adjust the speed if it’s too fast or too slow. So it’s really easy to dial all that stuff, and customize it all while you’re standing in front of it, while you’re actually presenting, instead of stopping, and going back, and looking for a pile of menus and things to dial all over from there. You can do this in real-time while your script is on screen. Now Teleprompter Premium, like Promptsmart Pro, also has video capabilities, and like Promptsmart Pro, they are also very limited. Again, so hang out for the next app we’ll mention because while it has this feature here, it makes no comparison if you want to use your phone as your teleprompter and as your camera as well.

Teleprompter Premium: Pricing

So about pricing then, there is a lite version of this app available for free. This is more of a trial version or trial version because, to use this app with a teleprompter and to unlock all these advanced settings and features, which you will need, you will need the premium version, the pro version, Teleprompter Premium, and sold for $ 12.99. But that’s also a one-time purchase, so it’s not an ongoing subscription, so in terms of what you get, it’s an absolute bargain. So this is my current top recommendation for teleprompter apps on iOS for use with an actual teleprompter or hardware teleprompter.

Apps that replace a teleprompter

Okay, so those are the teleprompter apps we recommend for use with an actual teleprompter. Now we’ll look at apps designed to completely replace a teleprompter and just use your device to do the recording and show your script or put your script there for you. These things are great for shooting quick videos while traveling, even for content and things like Instagram stories as well. So if you want to put your script, or your notes, or your dots, on the screen you want to talk to, you can do that on your device on one side of the screen, and your video will be recorded using the same device. So that’s the biggest advantage of this setup, you’re just using the device itself. No additional gear is required, which means this setup is also ultra-portable. The biggest disadvantage here is that you will only be limited to using the camera on your device as well, on your iPhone or your iPad. So there’s less flexibility in the ability to use different cameras and obviously because you’re also limited to your device, it means you’ll be reading from a smaller screen, or a smaller area on the screen, so the text will be smaller. So depending on your vision, that might be a deal-breaker for you, but know that you can get some amazing results with these apps, and yes they are super portable. Now until recently, our top teleprompter camera app on iOS is going to Selvi. Now that app has had some serious issues, and bugs, and things, and we’ve had a lot of complaints saying that it no longer does what it should do.


Okay, so buy them all and give you some recommendations about which app will be best for you. If you’re someone who will use a physical teleprompter, and you’re someone who will read a long-form of the script, and you’ll read it word for word, and you really won’t worry too much about any re- again or any mistakes there, then Promptsmart Pro with that voice feature, and the voice auto-scroll feature, will be the absolute game-changer for you. On the other hand, if you don’t use that voice auto-scroll feature, I would highly recommend the Teleprompter Premium because it will make you bigger for your money. This is a better app in general and there are many more features and controls for customizing it for you so that it will work best for your teleprompter. And if you’re looking to create videos on the go using your smartphone without an actual, physical teleprompter, then the Video Teleprompter app will be the way to go. This is an amazing app and it can save you a ton of time making videos on the go with your device. So I would use a mix of all three of those apps. Where I like that voice control feature, I’ll use Prompstmart Pro, and that’s not the case for most videos. It’s pretty rare, but when I need to use it, or I want to use it, it’s an amazing feature and it works great. For most of the videos we make on this channel, we use Teleprompter Premium for it. This is what I use now for this video because it will allow me to use that Parrot Teleprompter V2 teleprompter. So that’s the app we use with that, and obviously for any videos on the go, where I want to have a script, or dots, or anything, and I’m using an iOS device, then it goes to Video Teleprompter. So now that you’ve set up your teleprompter apps,

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