Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC 2022 Review

What is the best video editing software on Windows, today? Well, this is our 2022 review of the top video editors for the PC, and as always, these roundups are almost an annual thing now. Well, after a lot of research and a ton of testing, in this video, I will share my top recommendations for all kinds of video creators, from free and easy-to-use apps to more advanced and professional editing alternatives. And like last time, I’ll divide it into three categories. We’ll start looking at free video editing software, then move on to video editing software under $ 200, which will also include free stuff, and then we’ll open it up and include the video editing software. video editing above $ 200, but also include sub $ 200 and the free software there as well. So if you are willing to spend over $ 200 for your video editing software, how is it compiled and how does it compare to video editing software that is less than $ 200 and free stuff too. Now, I would strongly recommend that you stay to hear all the options so you know you are leaving here with the best option for you. And even if you decide in advance on what your editing software is, you’ll see what you might not get or what you can unlock if you switch to another program or app. But I want you to note that there is no perfect video editing solution. These are just tools for editing videos. So your goal is to try and find out what is the best video editing software for you personally, for your skillset, and for the types of videos you make. So this is where I recommend when you’ve narrowed the list down to a few different options, go ahead and pick up the trial versions and dive in and play around, so you can see which one will be the best one for you, moving forward. As a bonus, I will also share with you at the end, three video editing tips, which will help you edit faster, no matter what video editing software or app you choose,

Best Video Editing Softwares for Windows PC 2022 Review

Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC

Best Free Video Editing Softwares

So start it and dive into free video editing software, you have many options here, but here we have not included anything that is not free, or you will have to pay after a certain amount of time, or it will add a watermark to your video. I don’t classify any of that as free. So all these options are things that you can use and get great results. So in this category, you have things like VSDC, HitFilm Express, Shotcut, Avid Media Composer First, DaVinci Resolve, Kdenlive, OpenShot, and VideoPad. Now, after trying and trying all of these top options, I’ve narrowed it down to my shortlist of three, which are OpenShot, Kdenlive, and DaVinci Resolve.

OpenShot Review

OpenShot is a really simple, but great video editing tool that works on PC, Mac, and Linux. The overall interface is straightforward, and it would be great for a beginner to join and get quick editing. I admire the overall performance and not just the times of rendering and saving your videos, but also the experience of scrubbing and playing the footage while you’re editing as well. Now, because it’s a more basic and entry-level application, you won’t find any of the more advanced features you’ll find in the more professional tools we’ll be about soon, but you do have enough control over things like adding titles and some simple effects and transitions and even has key frame-based controls to help you dial that. So this is a great option for someone who is in that beginner up to maybe in the intermediate level, someone who don t need all the bells and whistles, and all the advanced features and controls, someone who just wants to join and edit their videos simply.

Kdenlive Review

Kdenlive is really the next step from there. It’s a more professional tool, has more feature packs, and has more of the more professional features you’d expect to see in things like DaVinci Resolve and even Adobe Premiere. So it’s great that they’ve packed a lot of this into this open-source software as well. Like OpenShot, this one will also work on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it supports a larger range of file types and codexes. And like I said, it has more pro tools and features there. Things like more professional calibration tools and multi-camera editing functionality, but overall the interface and the experience, while it’s not as simple and as intuitive as OpenShot, it’s certainly not overwhelming, considering consider all the features and objects that are present. So I would say this is a good option for someone at the beginner level who wants to learn something with more features and controls, it won’t be as intuitive as an OpenShot. So there will be more of a learning curve, up to someone in the type of an intermediate borderline advanced level, someone who wants more features, more controls, and access to more of a professional tool. video editing.

DaVinci Resolve Review

And then DaVinci Resolve is pretty much, hands down, the most professional video editing program out there on Windows for free. It’s ridiculous what they give you access to in vain. It’s professional-grade video editing software, the stuff they use in making movies and stuff in Hollywood. So in terms of features and controls and things you get there, it’s pro-grade stuff, which means there’s going to be more of a learning curve. It won’t be near as intuitive as the previous two options. So if you’re a complete beginner, this probably won’t be the best thing for you to start with, but it’s something you can invest some time in and learn and gain speed. And we have links to editing tutorials for many of these programs, which I’ll link to in the description box below. Now, there’s a paid version of DaVinci Resolve, Studio, that’s also available, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. You get many of those features, really the main functionality that you get for free in the free version. And for most people out there, unless you’re a full-fledged professional, you probably won’t need to upgrade to the Studio version, but it’s really important to know that if you have an older or lower spec computer, it will not run very well for you. It needs a proper video card. It requires a fairly recent powerful computer to give you the best results here.

Recommendations For FREE video Editing Software

So overall, rounding out this category, if you are a complete beginner, OpenShot will probably be the best option for you. This is a great all-rounder. If you’re looking for a few more features on top of it, but still something pretty easy to use, then Kdenlive might be the best choice for you. Whereas if you’re looking for professional-grade, industrial-grade video editing software, you won’t miss DaVinci Resolve, but there’s certainly more to a learning curve. So from this category, if I had to pick an overall win, you couldn’t miss DaVinci Resolve, like this video, last year. Funny that they give you access to free, literally professional tools.

Best video editing software UNDER $200

So move on to the next category, all video editing software for less than $ 200. Now, usually what you’ll see when you switch from free software to paid options is that you’re generally unlocking more features, more power, more performance, and generally a lot more. sleek and fluid editing experience. Now I usually say, because I’ve already told you how awesome DaVinci Resolve is and it’s completely free. So in this category, you have things like AVS Video Editor, VSDC Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, Movavi, Filmora, WeVideo, Movie Studio, Movie Edit Pro, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, PowerDirector, and Filmora Pro. Now, again from so much trial and error, my shortlist for the best video editing software under $ 200, including free stuff as well, has dropped to WeVideo, Filmora, and DaVinci Resolve.

WeVideo review

WeVideo is an amazing online, cloud-based video editing solution, where you don’t have to download and install anything on your computer, it runs in your web browser, meaning you can use it on low power or older computers. as well as computers. And because it runs in the cloud, it makes it a great tool for collaborating and collaborating with teams remotely as well as moving from one device to another. And this is one where I was a little skeptical when I first tried it a few years ago, but it’s insane how powerful and how fast it is to edit, even if you’re using things like 4K videos. Plus, one of the unique things for me is that you don’t have to wait for your video files to be uploaded to the cloud for you to edit. You can start editing right away, and the upload will happen in the background. So even if you’re just trying to jump in and do super-fast editing, WeVideo is still great for that. Plus, there are also a ton of built-in templates and effects and things that you can also customize. Now, since it’s primarily powered in the cloud, that means that upload will happen. So you’ll still need to have decent internet to upload your video files, but again, that won’t slow down your editing process. Now, in terms of pricing, there are several different options. I would say that most people will look at either the unlimited plan for 7.99 a month, which will let you edit in 1080p or the professional plan for 19.99 a month, which will give you access to 4K video editing and more templates and more stock footage. But overall, I think it’s a good choice if you’re a complete beginner up to sort of an intermediate level, but also if you’re someone who doesn’t have a powerful computer.

Filmora Review

Filmora is another great option that works on Windows and Mac. This is one that, not so long ago, I didn’t think I would recommend. It has grown a lot, and it’s already a very powerful, really awesome video editing application. In terms of usability and the overall interface, it’s really easy to use, it’s intuitive, but it also has a lot of professional tools and features built into it. And this is one where I think they nailed the performance, it’s a really fast program. It just feels good. Everyone just feels fast. And your export times and rendering times are very fast. And so that’s how it’s stacked up to something like Kdenlive, which in terms of feature set and everything, it’s going to be identical. Filmora is my choice, in terms of overall performance and usability. Now, in terms of pricing, there is a free version. It has a watermark, so I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the paid version, which you can currently get with a subscription for about $ 62 per year, or you can purchase lifetime access for about $ 90, which is awesome for anyone not a fan of the subscription model, but overall Filmora is a great option for a complete beginner, up to an intermediate level. It’s great that it also has some more advanced features and things, but it’s really for anyone looking for a fast, simple, easy to use but great video editing tool. And then again, for people looking for a better solution, more advanced features, and controls, that’s where you can get past DaVinci Resolve.

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