Best Camera Apps for iPhone 2022 Review

This is our 2022 Roundup of the best camera apps today for iPhone and iPad. There are more alternatives to their built-in iOS camera app this year. And some of it unlocks incredible camera features and advanced functionality. I will share my definite list as well as my number one pick when it comes to the best iPhone camera apps today. So many options when it comes to video camera apps on iOS. You have things like Moment, FilMic Pro, Mavis, 4K HDR Video Recorder, Focus Live, ProMovie, ProCam, Pro take, and movie. And that’s just not all. So I narrowed it down this year to the top two apps with a bonus one that I’ll also mention there. Now, suggest staying around to hear the options until completion so you know, you are leaving here carrying the best camera app for you.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone 2022 Review

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Pro Camera by Moment review

So the video camera app, the number one is Moment’s pro camera or the Moment Camera app. And this one is far from it in terms of functionality, user interface, and overall usability. And it’s already a really good choice. This one is iOS only, but it contains a ton of features and a ton of controls, and it’s really fun to use. I like how all the basic things you need to access are just immediately accessible in the main interface without having to dive into menus and settings and all that stuff. And I liked that too when you rotate it between portrait and landscape depending on what videos you’re making. The whole interface does not change. There are only a few elements to rotate. So the whole interface is the same no matter which model you shoot. It’s very easy to go through the options to lock down your shutter speed, your ISO, and your white balance to switch between different resolutions and frame rates. And there are also three color profiles you can choose, default, flat picture profile, and log profile as well. The settings area is simple. It’s straightforward, it’s well laid out, and it’s really easy to find the settings you want to dial in. Things like changing your video recording format, adjusting the bit rate, and adjusting your video and audio settings. You also have hardware support here for the DJI Osmo mobile. So if you use it with gimbals, it’s fun that it will let you have the device fully functioning as well. It also has a large range of support for different types of lenses, wide-angle camera lenses anamorphic lenses, and fisheye lenses. And while it is specifically designed to work with the moment range of lenses, all of these settings can be applied and used with really any third-party lens. But I can say perhaps my favorite feature in this app is how fast it is to use and switch to different settings based on the presets you can make. So if you’re someone who goes around taking portrait videos, say 1080P 30 frames per second and then you want to quickly have a preset for slow-motion or a preset for 4K. While other apps out there let you have presets and objects configured, this is the fastest way to switch between them. And it makes your whole video shooting experience better the way they did it. Now in terms of pricing, once the camera app currently sells for 6.99 and then unlocks additional features, there is an in-app purchase worth 4.99 for the bundle. And then if you want to unlock this slow shutter and the time-lapse mode, that’s an additional 4.99 as an in-app purchase.

Filmic Pro review

The next app is FilMic Pro. Now, this is one that I have been a big fan of for a long time. And this is an amazing app. And it contains a ton more advanced features than what you’ll find in the Moment camera app. Again, the intuitive interface is very easy to use. It’s probably not as simple or as simple as the Moment app, but, again, it packs more features so you’ll need to dive into menus and items to find and unlock many of these items. . But I also don’t think that’s a problem. Now FilMic Pro works on both iOS and Android and it helps you unlock the best potential app for your smartphone cameras. From the main screen, they make it super easy to switch between different camera lenses to easily lock your focus point and your exposure just by dragging the square and the circle around. But if you want to dive in deeper and get more manual control over them there you can open their control wheels to really help you dial everything in, you also have quick things like peeking focus, and zebra lines and graphic overlays to help you dial in the shot you’re looking for. And there are also many crop overlays that you can also apply to your video, either as a display so you can see what your video looks like in different formats as you record it or you can set FilMic Pro to actual also crop your video to that size. There are many more settings here that we won’t cover in this video. We have the full walkthrough on FilMic Pro and I will link that to the cards. But like the Moment Camera app, you also have preset functionality here, you can save different presets for different types of settings or videos that you make but it’s not as fast or as fluid. as a workflow in the Moment app. Now, FilMic Pro has support for DJI OSMO mobile gimbals and more. Other hardware integrations with lenses and the ability to use anamorphic lenses are included here as well. Now it also has support for clean HDMI out, for higher quality video recording or you can even use it as a high-quality webcam on your computer. Now, while the Moment camera app has a three-color profile, FilMic Pro gives you more or less control over the look and feel of your photo. It still offers a neutral, flat analog profile but also the ability to customize it more. Now, it’s part of an additional in-app purchase called the Cinematographer Kit to help you unlock some of these more advanced settings. But there are also some filters and presets that you can apply here now as well. Again, for a relatively inexpensive in-app purchase. Now to further enhance your FilMic Pro experience, there are a few additional apps by the same company. One of them is called Doubletake. And it allows you to record using multiple cameras simultaneously. So you have the ability to record using your wide-angle lens and your telephoto lens, simultaneously. Or even it could be one of the rear cameras and the front selfie camera that gives you the ability to be really creative with the videos you make. And the other is the FilMic Remote app that will let you remotely monitor and control your primary FilMic Pro device from a secondary Android or iOS device. So it’s great if you’re working on large production or even if you’re just shooting yourself in a room like this that now has the ability to see what the camera sees and to control everything remotely is overwhelming. Now in terms of pricing, the FilMic Pro app currently sells for 14.99 as a one-time purchase. You can unlock additional profiles and photo controls using the Cinematographer Kit, which sells for 13.99 and you can purchase the FilMic remote app for $ 9.99. Now there are also bundle packs that you can get if you are interested in combining them and you can also find them in the app store. So overall, this is one of my favorites. I’ve been to it for a long time. Really anything I want to have more control over the videos I make.

Focos Live Review

And the bonus app I want to throw in here, really the respectable mention, goes to Focus Live. Now this one isn’t packed anywhere near as many features as the two previous apps I mentioned. This one has a powerful feature worth mentioning. If you’re someone looking for a blurry background, see where you want to get the portrait video effect but you don’t have the latest iPhone. Focus Live then lets you take videos with the front camera and the rear cameras, but in that portrait video mode and it still gives you a ton of control over the look and feel of blur in that background. . Now it’s something we’ve pretty much used to do things like YouTube shorts and Instagram reels. And it really works really, really well. So yes, if you want to achieve that blurry background look, make it really nice and have all the control there without having to go and pick up the latest device, then this is the app for you. Now there is a free version so you can jump in and try it out. But to unlock the highest-resolution exports, that’s what you’ll need to jump into one of the paid options, either a monthly subscription at 1.99 annual subscription at 8.99, or you can purchase it directly as a one-time purchase for 14.99. But beyond the blur functionality, if you are looking for more features, more controls then the first two apps will be the best for you.

Our top pick for Best iPhone Camera App

So in General, rounding it out. If I have to pick a winner from the three apps I mentioned here it will go again this year, hands down to FilMic Pro. This is the best all-rounder. the best bang for the buck when it comes to more advanced features, more control, and ease of use, but also unlocks the full potential and the highest quality of your iOS device. And again, if you want to check out a full step-by-step walkthrough on all the features and how to use it then check out the video, which is linked to the cards. So that’s my top camera app for iOS right now in 2022. Now if you want to level up your filming with your iOS device, don’t miss the video linked to the screen that will take you to the latest step-by-step process to help you make professional videos on your iOS device.

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